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Wood Stoves Guide:  the center of everything you need to know about wood stoves

Wood Stove Review  get a birds eye view of all the wood stoves on the market and quickly find the wood stoves that meet your sq. ft. requirement as well as which wood stoves meet the federal tax credit program.

Jotul Wood Stoves this is one of the oldest wood burning stove manufacturers in the world. They have offices all around the world and anyone looking specifically for a Jotul wood stove will find one. Find some neat secrets at this site.

Jotul Prices  we've got the hard to find pricing of all Jotul Wood Stoves that meet EPA standards. Check all of them out now.

Franklin Wood Stoves  it's not easy to find a franklin stove but we've found the two best sources for all franklin wood stove questions. Your links as well as a quick video can be found on this site.

Fisher Wood Stove yes, they are not made anymore, but we do have links to help you find Fisher wood stove parts.  

Vogelzang Wood Stoves  Vogelzang stoves are reasonably priced and yet meet all epa requirements for polution.  Find out which stoves you can still get a refund on here.

Blaze King Wood Stoves  I will not hide my affection for Blaze King wood burning stoves.  Come find out why.

Blaze King Wood Stove Pricing if you want prices for Blaze King wood stoves we've got em and we've got something you should seriously read before you purchase any type of wood burning stove.

Hearthstone Wood Stoves  these are some of the most beautiful wood stoves on the market. Plus they use something called soapstone.  Learn more about it now.

Harman Wood Stoves learn more about the top loading harman wood stoves. You'll be pleasantly surprised at their EPA ratings as well as the ability to cook your meals on this stove as well.

Quadrafire Wood Stoves  if you are looking for efficiency, clean burning and built to last wood stoves look no further.  Find out why these stoves are so efficient right now.

Taylor Wood Stoves these wood burning stoves are not your typical stove that fits inside your home. Learn more about one of the safest wood burning stoves on the market today.

Timberline Wood Stoves although they have not been built for a while now many home owners still enjoy the heat produced by these wood burning stoves. We have a couple of links that might help you find the parts you need.

Majestic Wood Stoves a lot of people are getting the old Majestic wood cooking stoves and the Vermont Castings "Majestic Stove" mixed up.  Learn the difference and we offer links to help you find both. 

Napoleon Wood Stoves   Likw many of the top line manufacturers Napoleon offers wood stoves in both catalytic and non catalytic styles. These stoves are beautiful. Follow the link to find out more.

Small Wood Stoves these little critters can produce some heat and they are perfect for your shop or work area.

How to Pick the Best Wood Stoves  use this criteria to help you pick the right stove at the right price for your home.

Best Location for Wood Stoves  this is not rocket science but it's close. Actually if you follow these guidelines you should be happy with the overall heating capabilities of your wood stove.

How To Operate Wood Stoves this page gives you great tips to dial in your wood stove for maximum efficiency.

Chimney Fire  take a look at some of our pictures from the fire that destroyed our home. Learn how it happened and how you can avoid it.

New Wood Stove If you are looking for a new wood stove we have a sweet recommendation for you. Learn more after you click the link.

Wood Stove Installation  Before you get happy about saving a couple of hundred bucks installing your own wood stove, please read this.

About Us  learn why we have such a deep passion for wood stoves

Privacy Policy  learn about the tracking of cookies from our third party vendors.



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