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Quadrafire wood stoves can be easily be called one of the most efficient wood burning stoves on the market.  Back in the 80's there were plenty of wood stove manufacturers. After the government stepped in and asked for cleaner burning stoves, many of those manufacturers dropped off the face of the earth.  But Quadrafire stayed the course and became a leader in clean burning wood stoves. Another leader is Blaze King Wood Stoves.  They are close to the same ratings as Quadrafire but in our opinion they don't look at good as Quadrafire stoves.

Quadrafires extensive research in wood burning stoves has lead them to produce the following models: Cumberland Gap, 

2100 Millennium, 3100 Millennium, 3100 Step Top, 4300 Millennium, 4300 Step Top, 5700 Step Top, and Yosemite wod stove.

Top Rated Quadrafire Wood Stoves and Emissions Ratings

What really sets the Quadrafire wood stoves apart from everyone else is their emission ratings that are much lower than their competitors.  The only thing I have not been able to find out is "how long they can sustain a fire" (burn time).  From personal experience our Quadrafire wood stove has a burn rate of about 6 hours.  However, if we really load it, we can get it to about 7.5 hours.  Keep in mind our stove is 10 years old now.

There will be no mistaking the Quadrafire wood burning stoves from the old Fisher Wood Stove.  If you wanted a stove that is rated at about 1/3 of the Isle Royale.  Same could be said of the Antique Franklin Wood Stoves.  But there is something about those Franklin wood stoves that can't be bought.

Here is a closer look at the entire Quadrafire Wood Stoves line that exceeds EPA standards and allows you to get a tax credit of 30% on your wood stove purchase.  All of these stoves are non catalytic as well as a limited lifetime warranty.

The List of Quadrafire Wood Stoves and Spec's

quadrafire millennium 4300

The Quadrafire 2100, 3100 and 4100 are basically the same stove with the exception of size. The 2100 millennium can heat an area of 900-1500 sq ft.  The 3100 millennium can heat an area of 1900 sq ft and the 4100 millennium can heat an area of around 2400 sq ft.

The Millennium 4100 pictured is mobil home approved Mobile can throw out 57,000 BTU's and the firebox is 2.4 cubic feet.  It is EPA certified at 1.1 gm/hr.  If you compare this to the other wood stoves in our review, you will see it kills the competition.  With the 4100 you can throw logs into the fire at a length of 20 inches and know it burns at almost 80% efficiency.

2100 Millennium

This wood stove is mobil home approved, BTU rated at 32,000 and the fire box is 1.46 cubic feet. Emissions are rated at 2.1 gm/hr and the efficiency runs at 78.15%

3100 Millennium

The Millennium 3100 is the mid sized version of wood burning stoves.  The BTU output is 51,000 and can heat a home of around 1900 sq ft.  Efficiency rated at 79.5% and it has one of the lowest emission rating of 1.1 gm/hr.  The fire box is 2.0 cubic feet and the maximum log length is 18 inches.

3100 Millennium Step Top

The step top line was initially designed to give you two different cooking levels Quadrafire also learned it provided a efficient heat exchange chamber that improved the heat transfer.

The BTU rating is 1,000 BTU's higher than a flat top 3100 Millennium which means you can warm an area a little bit bigger than the 3100 Millennium.  Other than that, everything is the same.

4100 Millennium Step Top

The step top version of the 4100 has the same spec's as the flat top 4100 Millennium.  Refer to the picture above to read the specs of the 4100 Millennium.


The Quadrafire 5700 Step Top is the second largest free standing stove in their line.  This beauty will heat up to 3700 sq ft and the fire box size is 3.0 cubic feet.

Efficiency in all quadrafire wood stoves has not been minimized with this step top stove as it burns at 77% and releases only 2.2 gm/hr.

Maximum log length is 24 inches and once again I will not try to quess what the burn time of this stove is, but you can imagine it will burn for at least 10 hours.  

quadrafire 5700 step top


quadra fire isle royale reviews

The Yosemite wood burning stove is a porcelain enamel cast iron stove. The elegant parlor style stove will heat a room up to 1500 sq ft and the emission rating is 2.69 gm/hr.  The fire box is 1.45 cubic feet and you can fit 18 inch logs into this stove.

One of the cool features of this stove is you can purchase an optional screen and enjoy the beauty, sound and heat of this wood stove. Even with the door closed you have a large viewing area of your fire.

The Isle Royale is the largest free standing cast iron wood stove in the Quadrafire line. What makes this stove unique is you can load it either through the front door or you can top load it.  With a fire box listed at 3.0 cubic feet that is a great feature.

The Isle Royale will heat a home up to 2500 sq ft and the EPA emission rating is 2.9 gm/hr.  Believe it or not, this wood stove is approved for mobile homes.

To learn more about all of the stoves in their line visit: Quadrafire Wood Stoves



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