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This wood stove review will focus entirely on the wood burning stoves (like a regency, hearthstone, soapstone, Lopi, vermont castings) that qualify for a 30% government tax credit. Purchase one of these select wood stoves during 2009 and all of 2010 and you can receive a 30% tax credit, up to $1500 on the purchase of select wood stoves.  

GOOD NEWS: the woodstove tax credit has been extended and you can still receive the tax credit if you purchase your unit in 2011.  So, make sure and get a receipt for purchase before Dec. 31st.  

Now that we are into 2012 stay tuned to see if the government will continue this tax credit or try to tax us more for our purchase.

When you finish reading these wood stove reviews come back to the top and read how to pick the best wood stoves.  You will find specific information on what to look for.  The links below will take you to pages that offer you prices and we'll give you the cheapest, lowest, best prices on or off the net. You can compare different models from within the links provided. And.....Don't worry we are not associated with any of these stores and do recommend you buy from a local retailer.

On this webpage you will find the top wood stoves manufacturers in the industry.  Each link will take you to a complete review of that particular brand of wood stove along with the exact models that meet the requirement for a tax credit.  

Other models like the antique Franklin wood stoves are no longer in production but we will provide links where you can find antique wood stoves. And we have also included links to various blogs that discuss particular wood stove models.

We highly recommend as you look through the many wood stove review below focus on square footage and emissions rating of each stove.  Many areas of the country will have poor qualify days whereby wood stoves cannot be used if you have another type of heat source.  The clean burning stoves could be exempt from this rule depending on your area.  Check local regulations before you purchase a wood stove.

  • Did you know that some of the new high performance wood stoves release LESS carbon dioxide than a rotting tree?
  • Some of the new catalytic wood stoves can burn up to 40 hours and use 1/3 less wood?

One other word of caution:  some review sites will guide you towards certain brands because they can earn a commission from a sale.  If visiting blogs, realize you will have some good reviews and some bad reviews.  Some people don't know how to burn wood in any stove therefore they will rate a stove bad, don't be concerned with that as much as problems with leaking, cracking, etc.

Blaze King Wood Stove Review

These guys have been around for as long as I can remember.  They are probably one of the most popular wood stoves in our area for good reason.  They are good.  If people living in Alaska like this wood stove what does that tell you?

Now, just to keep this down to earth, we ourselves do not own a Blaze King because my wife didn't like the looks of the 1999 models. I on the other hand could care less, it produces heat.

Click -> Blaze King Wood Stoves to learn which models qualify for a tax credit.


Jotul Wood Stove Review

Jotul and wood stoves are synonymous. In business since 1853 you can see why they are the world's oldest manufacturer of wood stoves.  They have sold more wood stoves than anyone else ad their expertise is unmatched. Norway is where the company was founded but now you'll find Jotul all over the world.

Here is a lost of all the Jotul wood stoves that qualify for a tax credit:

Jotul F 100, F 118, F 602, F 3 CB, F 400, F 500, F 600, 350, C 450, and C 550. Jøtul will provide a certification statement on all qualified stoves for taxpayers to use as proof of the stove's qualification for the tax credit.

Click -> Jotul Wood Stoves to learn specific details of each model that qualifies for a tax credit.


Hearthstone Wood Stove Review

One word best describes Hearthstone wood stoves: UNIQUE

Hearthstone wood stoves are designed to be "easy to clean" and offer features you can't find on other wood stoves. Hearthstone stoves offer exclusive designs and many of the stoves are made out of soapstone rather than metal. One of the key benefits of Soapstone is the ability to absorb heat and radiate it for hours after your fire burns out.

For those of you who prefer a cast iron wood stove Hearthstone also offers them. Following is the list of the 12 Hearthstone wood stoves that qualify for the tax credit.

Bari Wood, Bennington, Craftsbury, Equinox, Clydesdale, Heritage, Homestead, Mansfield, Morgan, Phoenix, Shelburne, and Tribute

Click -> Hearthstone Wood Stoves to get the information you are looking for on each model.

Fisher Wood Stove Review

Unfortunately these wood stoves are no longer available and their parts are hard to find. However if you visit ebay you can find parts for fisher wood stoves.

Franklin Wood Stove Review

The Franklin Wood Stoves are an American icon.  They might not have been manufactured in a long time but a lot of people want one. If you get lucky and someone still has a Franklin wood stove and is willing to sell it don't hesitate get it. The design of the Franklin stove has been copied by many but a true Franklin wood burning stove is hard to duplicate.

The Franklin wood stoves do not meet tax credit status and the burn time is limited to 2-4 hours.

We have a boatload of information and useful links to help you find anything related to Franklin Wood Stoves.

We have found a place that does sell reconditioned Franklin Wood Stoves at a very reasonable price. (My opinion)  Follow the link below to learn more about Franklin Stoves and the link to the beautiful stoves.

Click -> Franklin Wood Stoves  (no I don't get a commission for referring you or even if you purchase one)

Best wishes

Vogelzang Wood Stoves

Vogelzang offers 5 different wood stove models that qualify for the tax credit.  Performer, Highlander, Shiloh, Durango and Defender. The prices are between $1099 and 1299.  For the price these stoves are affordable options to electric heat and other wood stoves. What really caught my attention is the warranty that Vogelzang offers.

These stoves are made of steel and offer many options that you will need to add as money allows.

Visit Vogelzang Wood Stoves for a complete review of these wood burning stoves.



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