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When it comes to wood stoves one of the first names that always pops up is Vogelzang wood stoves.  Vogelsang is known for quality, reliability and dependability.    Dutch settlers who settled in Michigan started the company back in 1907 with their famous motto:  "Customers First".

Known globally for quality cast iron wood stoves, Vogelzang can be found all across America, Europe and all colder area countries. One of the most popular places to find Vogelzang heaters are in the cabins of America.  

Many of the older cabins you find in the mountains have a Vogelzang wood burning stove inside and a lot of hunters who set up hunting camps in the

outdoors for a week or two carry their Vogelzang cast iron stove with them and place it inside the tent.  This stove is usually the standard boxwood stove.

Multiple Uses of Vogelzang Wood Stoves

Keep in mind these outdoor wood burning heaters also serve a dual purpose as they become a kitchen stove or cook stove, water heater for coffee and a tent heater to take out the evening chill while they sleep till dawn.

This Vogelzang Wood Stoves review will focus on the wood stoves that meet the 30% tax credit rebate are a epa certified stove and are aair tight stove.  The following stoves meet these requirements.

  • Performer
  • Highlander
  • Shiloh
  • Durango
  • Defender

I had to double check this to make sure but what really caught my attention was the guarantee Vogelzang offers.  1 year parts and labor.  As you have read in all our other reviews, most wood stove manufacturers offer a 5 year warranty.  As you review these wood stove tax credit heaters make sure and keep that in mind.

Still what Vogelzang offers is affordability with quality.  Let's take a look at their stoves.

Vogelzang Wood Stoves That Meet The 30% Tax Credit



vogelzang defender

The Defender is a plate steel wood burning stove that can heat a 1200 sq. ft home. It meets EPA standards even in Washington State who is known to have stringent air quality standards.  It's rated at 4.21 grams/hour.  

What caught our attention with the Defender is the BTU rating of 28,337. That's enormous for such a small stove.  It can handle 18 inch logs and the burn time of 8 hours on low settings.  It is rate at over 75% efficiency.

It comes with adjustable legs and a pewter trim and the door is made of cast iron steel.  It comes with an optional blower that blows air from the back over the top of the stove.



The look almost identical to the defender with the exception of legs. Instead of adjustable legs it comes with a pedestal stand but other than that is has the exact same ratings as the defender.


Ditto on the Highlander.  Between the Shiloh, Highlander and Defender they all appear to be the same thing with very little changes.  That is probably why the prices are comparable.


vogelzang durango

The Durango is a non attractive wood stove. However, what it lacks I "looks" it makes up for in production. This workhorse wood burning stove accepts 26 inch logs and can burn for 12 hours.

It is rated at BTU: 36,089 which heats a home up to 1800 sq. ft.  It incorporates a Turbo Burn technology. This technology includes a series of cross drilled "re-burn" tubes and a secondary air flow at the top of the firebox which allows for more complete combustion. That is why you can burn for 12 hours.  All of this allows the Durango to meet a 3.6 grams/hour.



The Performer is a beautiful wood stove with the qualities of all the stoves into one. Beauty, efficiency, size, performance, etc.  Rated at a constant 29,421 BTU it will heat a room up to 2200 sq. ft.  You can add a log up to 20 inches long and the max burn time is 12 hours.  

We have used wood stoves for over 50 years now, lost our home to a fire and still use wood stoves. We believe if you take care of your stoves they will last a lifetime but when you can find a very efficient wood stove that will pay for itself within 10 years we will purchase it.  The big thing going for you now is that tax credit.  It last's till the end of 2011 so don't hesitate if you are a serious buyer. Here are some Blaze King Prices you can compare to.

To learn more about these stoves visit:  Vogelzang Wood Stoves

Best wishes!

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