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Taylor wood stoves are not your typical wood burning stove that sits inside your home.  These wood burning stoves are located outside your home and provide you many advantages over an indoor model.  

You could call this an outdoor wood stove boiler, because it uses water to send heat into your home.  The Taylor wood stove is well insulated and uses a lot less wood to make your home a comfortable living environment. Heck in the summer you might only need to run the stove once or twice a week.

Burn time with these stoves is an average of 12 hours. That is getting close to the times that blaze king wood stoves burn. The tank is wrapped in Posi-Seal insulation which keeps more heat in. The hot water is then pumped through an insulated pipe to your home with another line running directly to your water heater.

Here is a brief list of Taylor Wood Stoves benefits:

  • a Taylor wood stove is the safest way to heat your home because the stove is outside
  • Taylor wood stoves are clean: no smoke, ashes or insects inside your home
  • Taylor stoves use water to heat your home which eliminates a hot water heater
  • This wood burning stove uses less wood and produces more heat
  • Using water the Taylor can store heat and you can go days with hot water
  • Your home will have moisturized heat instead of dry heat which results in easy breathing
  • The temperature in your home is controlled by a thermostat that heats all rooms instead of a couple.
  • Oxygen is readily available in your home because the stove is located outside.
  • Place the unit within 2 feet of your home or as far away as you like.

In a nutshell you can call this an outdoor wood boiler.  You can then re-direct the heat a Taylor wood stove produces to outbuildings, homes, garages, etc.  Don't forget they can also burn coal just like the coal burning Harman wood stoves.

Take a look at the Taylor wood stove models:

  • T 450 H   150,00 BTU/hr (12-24 hr burn time)  Heats 2,000 sq. ft.  *6 year warranty
  • T 750 H   165,00 BTU/hr (12-24 hr burn time    Heats 4,000 sq. ft.  *6 year warranty
  • T 500 BC  170,000 BTU/hr (10-12 hr burn time)
  • T 1000 S  250,000 BTU/hr (8 hr burn time)  Heats 7,000 sq. ft.
  • T 2000 S  600,000 BTU/hr (8 hr burn time)
  • T 3000     850,000 BTU/hr (8 hr burn time)
  • T 4000    1.25 Million BTU/hr (8 hr burn time)
  • T 6000    2.2 Million BTU/hr (8 hr Burn time)
  • T 1200    3.2 Million BTU/hr (8 hr burn time)

The T 450 and T 750 are the two most popular units for a residental home.  And you might want to look at the Jotul stoves because they might be closer to your price range.

To learn more about these stoves and to find a dealer nearest you:  Taylor Outdoor Wood Stoves


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