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  Jotul Prices

Relax you can finally see the Jotul prices you have been looking for. Let me give you a big time heads up on how your retail wood stove dealer will approach you.

If they give you a discount thank your lucky stars because most dealers will play off the tax rebate you will receive if you purchase these particular stoves.  Instead of giving you a chance to bartar the price, they will show you the price of the stove minus what your tax rebate will be and give you the final price of your Jotul wood stove.

The Jotul prices you see are base price. The majority of wood stove purchases add various accessories which drive the price up. I do kow that retail outlets will give

you a discount of stove piping, connectors and such but very little movement on the base price of the stove. AOne accessory you should seriouly consider is a blower.  Some call it air flow fan but it doesn't matter, just get it, they are worth the price.

Jotul Prices for: F 100, F 118, F 602, F 3 CB, F 400, F 500, F 600. Jøtul will provide a certification statement on all qualified stoves for taxpayers to use as proof of the stove's qualification for the tax credit.

All of the Jotul prices you see are the bottom range and top range of stove prices.  This should give you a good idea if your price quote from your retail wood stove outlet is within reason. All Jotul wood stoves come with a industry standard 5 year warranty.

Jøtul F 602 CB  $799-$950


jotul wood stove prices

The Jøtul F 602 CB is the best-selling woodstove ever produced. It is also the smallest wood stove on the market.  The 602 CB is pictured to the left.

Jotul F3CB  $1599-$2035

The Jotul F3CB is their mid size wood stove alternative. Today this stove has quickly become their best seller because of price and how easy it is to use.




Jotul F 100 Nordic QT   $1100-$1425

The Jøtul F 100 Nordic QT has the largest window viewing area of all cast iron wood stoves in it's class.  Cool huh?  It is the stove pictured to the left.

Jotul F 118 CB Black Bear  $1100-$1300 

this is one wood stove that fluctuates in price more than any other wood stove. Depending on the area of the country you purchase this in will greatly dictate your price.  The price above is the average price for this stove but we've see it as high as $1600-$2089.  This means if you want this stove shop around and get ready to make a lot of calls to fid your best price.


Jotul Firelight F600 CB  $1850-$2300 with a high of $2600

The Jøtul Firelight F600 CB is the top of the line wood stove for Jotul. It is the largest cast iron wood stove and cranks out a mind boggling 81,500 BTU/hr. Translated it will heat a 2,500 sq. ft. building or home. It is pictured to the left.
Jotul Oslo F500 CB  $1800-$2300

The Oslo F500 CB is almost as big as the F600 CB and uses the newest non-catalytic technology to achieve amazing results.

Jotul F400 Castine  $2300-$2600

The F400 Castine has a maximum heat output of 55,000 BTU's per hour.  It can heat up to 1600 sq ft and it has a 75% efficiency rating.



Some of the reviews we found on the net

  • We've had ours for three winters now, and it is used constantly from about October to March, everyday. It heats our living room, but our house is big and four finished floors. The rest of the house stays cold and we use a gas boiler to keep the house around 65 degrees. The living room is over 100 near the woodstove, which feels great in the winter. It drops to 75 or so just 15 feet away, so ...
  • I have a love-hate relationship with this stove. When it works right it's great, but at times it will overheat, no matter what I do. Even with the doors shut tight, the primary air intake shut down all the way and the damper on the chimney closed, it will still burn like a blast furnace. What doesn't make sense is that at other times it is perfectly well behaved.

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