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www.woodstovesguide.com was born out of sheer compasion for wood stoves.  We were raised on wood heat and we've continued that tradition with our own family.  We are located in the middle of an agriculture mecca with thousands upon thousands of acres of orchards (apple, cherry, peach).

We've cut our own wood since the early 1960's alternating from orchard wood to forest wood. We know the proper way to season wood, when to burn it and when to use other woods to keep our home warm.

Through the years we've been fortunate to have owned only 3 wood stoves and one zero clearance wood stove.  I am talking about my parents as well as our family.  We do not use any other source of heat in the winter, just the heat from our wood stove.

I've installed all our wood stoves as well as clean our stoves and can tell you that today's modern wood stoves with their excellent effeciency makes cleaning our wood stove pipes a breeze.

Use our expertise in this area to help you answer all your wood stove questions.



















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