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After you read some of the reviews on Harman wood stoves my bet is you will take this company more seriously. Harmon stoves makes a lot of different type of energy heating units from wood stoves to pellet stoves, inserts and wood fireplaces. What you might not know is the also manufacturer 7 different coal burning stoves as well.  These are not related to the alternate corn stoves you might have read about, these are strictly coal stoves.

If you are remodeling your home or building a new home you might take a strong interest in harman wood stoves. After you review the information below we provide a link directly to the Harman stoves so you can see each model in their display.

One unique feature you will notice as you review Harman wood stoves is the dual load factor.  These woodstoves can either be loaded from the front like you are probably accustomed to, but they also load from the top.  That's why you will hear people call them top loaders.

Harman also makes outdoor wood burning and other energy source stoves. Also the hearth that you might see in any picture is not part of the purchase.  That is a separate item.  Please do not and confuse these woodstoves with the Majestic Wood Stoves or Jotul Wood Stoves.

Review The Harman Wood Stoves

The Harmon Oakwood is a cast iron wood stove with a very unique feature. Add the optional cooking grill and you can cook steaks, burger or anything else you want while you are heating your home. Because this stove is a dual loader (top and door) you can add more wood which increases burn times from 12 to 16 hours.

The Oakwood can kick out between 11,000 to 42,000 BTU's which translates into heating an area of 2,000 sq ft.  The firebox is rated at 2.3 cubic feet and you can place 21 inch logs into this wood stove.

The Oakwood is approved for a tax credit which means it meets EPA standards for efficiency and emission ratings. 6 color options available.

harman oakwood


TL-300 harman wood stove

The Harman TL300 is another top and front loading wood stove. What makes this stove unique is the extra large ash pan that can hold two weeks worth of ash. As you know, ash buildup is one pain in the butt "by-product" of wood stoves.

The TL300 has a maximum BTU output of 34,500 BTU's which heats 1500-1700 sq ft.  The emission rating on this stove is an incredible 1.1 gm/hr. This can be attributed to their FireDome Combustion System.

This Harman TL300 has a 3 cubic foot firebox and maximum log length is 18 inches.  Another cleavor feature is the TL300 converts to an open fireplace by adding the optional firescreen which allows you to enjoy a fire with all the sounds and instant heat associated with an open fire.

Harman TL 2000 provides an option that is unique. This stove can handle coal as well as wood. By using coal you can have burn times of 60 hours. Open the door, place the screen in front and you can enjoy an open fire.

Like it's brother the TL300- this stove also has an extra large pan and heats up to 1900 sq ft. based on it's 72,000 BTU rating.  The firebox is rated at 2.8 cubic ft.

If you are looking for a wood stove I would probably stay away from this wood stove.

harman tl 2000


Here are some reviews on the Harman Wood Stoves: Oakwood TL200

  • We have a Harmon Oakwood stove and it has a gas secondary burn chamber in the back, which burns most/all the crud before it leaves the stove. It is amazing how well it burns! The stove pipe temp is always below the "burn zone" on the thermometer I have on the pipe, but that is normal for this particular stove given how it runs.
  • I own the tl200 great unit great top loading, the grill is great!
  • I have examined and inspected plenty of Harman products and would have little hesitation purchasing them.

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