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  Fisher Wood Stove

A quick Fisher Wood Stove history will reveal that a fisher wood burning stove was a very popular choice during the 70's. At the time it was "state of the art".

Remember the names of all the Fisher Wood Stove? Papa Bear, Momma Bear, Baby Bear, Grandpa, Grandma. These names probably ring a bell with some of you.

During this period in time, oil was in short supply and gas prices were outrageous kind of like 2008.  People were turning to alternative sources to save some money and Bob Fisher was more than happy to offer his services.

In a way, Bob Fisher was a pioneer designer in the stove development phase as fisher wood stove standards were the benchmark of other manufacturers. But today these stoves are no longer being made and they are quit outdated.

Fisher wood stove emissions during a normal burn time would be extremely off the benchmark standards for today.  If you look at the Quadrafire wood stove emissions you can see for yourself that fisher isn't even close to half of what the Quadrafire Millennium 4100 is.

People Still Use Their Fisher Wood Stove

Fisher Wood Stoves are still in homes today. Insurance companies are very cautious about insuring homes with that have a Fisher Wood Stove.  However if you still have one and don't use it much or and do not try to relocate it you should be fine.

Truth be told, a Fisher Wood Stove can't even come close to meeting EPA standards, but at the time they kept more heat in the home than most other stoves on the market.  A lot of people still search for the fisher epa stove.

Where to Find Fisher Wood Stove Parts

Like we mentioned above the fisher heat wood stove was manufactured in those models that sound like the old A&W stores.  The two most popular was baby bear and pappa bear and close was the post designer momma bear.  More people are searching online to find fisher wood stove replacement parts and coming away very disappointed.  Some folks are looking for fisher wood stove parts and find out there are no more replacement parts being made. Well, there are a few places you can look but we've found people having decent results when they visit this site.  Click Here

I've had people tell me that fisher stoves are very similar to Taylor Wood Stoves.  I'm not to sure about that but you can be the judge. Take a look at Taylor wood stoves and you tell me if there is a similarity.  You can even give Timberline Wood Stoves a try and see if they come close to matching the looks of a Fisher.

If you own a Fisher Wood Stove and don't use it anymore, you should seriously consider parting out your stove and offering the parts on Ebay.  It's a great way to get rid of that stove and make a few dollars in the process. Or sell the entire stove to antique wood stove collectors.



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