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Let's face it, there are some inherent risks when you are doing your own wood stove installation.  I want to discuss these aspects that most people do not think about, because they were just like me, worried about saving money.

If you don't want to read about the risks and you just want a good basic wood stove installation guide, check this site out or read the owners manual carefully that came with your wood stove.

What we learned after our house burnt down (due to a faulty installation) will scare you to death or it will challenge you.  Just trust us on one thing, insurance companies want to pin the fault on someone else and they want that someone else to pay for the reconstruction of your home.

By reading the spec's of your wood stove you will find out exactly how far to place your stove from a wall, how thick your pad should be, how much clearance you need from your roof line, pipe thickness and a host of other things that can bore you to death.

Lazy Man's Way To Installing a Wood Stove

Every single shop we visited before we purchased our wood stove gave us a list of local contractors who install wood stoves.  From this list we could call and get bids, make appointments and find out how much experience they really had installing wood burning stoves. 

Our goal was to get a contractor to our home, tell us how much it would cost and when they could do it. We wanted the installation to happen on a weekend and we wanted it completed in one day.  For most contractors completing in one day is not a problem, but getting them out on weekends is another story.

Finally, we wanted our contractor to tell us exactly what we needed to purchase in order for him to complete the installation in one day.  This is where you will need to run back to your local shop and purchase all the material: ie: chimney pipe, double wall stove pipe, wall transition pipe, etc.

Buiding Code Inspector

a lot of home owners do not realize that there are specific building codes that installers must meet.  Each county will have their own codes and it is up to the contractor to meet those codes.  Any contractor that does not have their installation inspected runs the risk of losing their license.  Do not give your final payment to the contractor without first getting a building inspector to view your wood stove from top to bottom.  They will find things you have no clue will make a difference in how efficient your stove will burn, plus the safety of knowing everyone will be alive if a fire does occur.

Follow the link to this page and head towards the bottom to see what a fire in your home can do: chimney fire.

A building official or building inspector can be a big pain in the butt however they are there to help and save you.  Double insulation pipes, wall clearance and all that stuff doesn't mean bo-didly to you now, but if you ever have to deal with a fire inspector or the insurance company you will be thankful you had your wood stove and chimney inspected.

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