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As you have probably found out, there are a ton of wood burning stoves on the market (Napoleon being another) and it can become a daunting task to figure out which one will be best for your home. Enter Napoleon with their full line of wood stoves, pellet stoves, free standing and fireplaces.  Like many of the top line manufacturers they offer wood stoves in both catalytic and non catalytic styles.  If you are not familiar with the difference between the two here is an summary from site.

Catalytic stoves typically offer higher efficiencies and longer burn times. They work by drawing the smoke into a separate chamber and then through a catalyst.

The catalyst is a ceramic honeycomb whose coating causes a chemical reaction that allows the smoke to burn when the stove's surface is only 500�F. Uniform, long-lasting fires are easier to achieve with catalytic stoves, which are often 5% to 10% more efficient than non-catalytic stoves. On the other hand, catalytic stoves have less attractive flames. Operation is often more technical. And the catalyst, which carries a six-year pro-rated warranty, eventually needs replacement.

Non-catalytic stoves have much prettier flames and are easier to start. They operate more like stoves built prior to 1991. People who have used those older models and want to upgrade usually find the new non-catalytic stoves to be more like their old ones and can adjust to them easier.

10 Different Wood Stoves To Choose From

napoleon wood stoves

If trying to decide which company to buy from, Napoleon offers 10 different free standing wood stoves to help you pick from.  Just remember that you can eliminate a lot of these stoves by simply deciding how much of your home you want to heat.  If you own a 1400 sq ft home then it stands to reason you don't need to heat more than 1400 sq ft, right?  Well, in our opinion you should always go higher rather than lower when it comes to heating your home with wood.  Using the 1400 sq ft example then it would be a wise choice to purchase a wood burning stove that could heat up to 1600 or 1700 sq ft.  

If this wood heater will not be your primary heat source then all this doesn't make a difference.  We burn wood in our stove and it is the only source of heat we have.

The Napoleon stoves that are on the market today include:

  • 1150P Wood Gourmet
  • 1100 Pedestal
  • 1400 Pedestal
  • 1900 Pedestal  same stove as the 1100 & 1400 just a larger firebox for more heat  
  • 1100PL Leg Model
  • 1400PL Leg Model  Emissions as low as 2.8 grams per hour and 69.8% overall maximum heating efficiency
  • 1100C   emissions as low as 4.1 grams per hour and 69.8% overall
  • 1400C cast iron with cook top, 11,400-41,300 non catalytic 2,000 sq ft.  9 hour burn time 
  • 1600C  cast iron non catalytic 800-2000 sq ft, 11,400-43,000 BTU's  9 hr burn time
  • 1450 Independent  (Mobil home approved) non catalytic 800-2000 sq ft. 11,400-41,300 BTU's  9 hr burn time

Features to Look For In Wood Stoves

The Napoleon stoves have a lot of door options and other accessories that will help you make this stove blend into your home.  There is no doubt you will want to add a blower to your stove which enables the heat to be pushed into other rooms.  You will also have color options, bottom air feed, one level air supply, ceramic glass and a lined firebox.  Emissions from these stoves are very close to other stoves on the market and they do meet EPA standards. 

We burn wood as our primary heat source which means we want the most efficient wood stove we can find.  Burn time is really important to our family because we don't want to load the stove every couple of hours.  Therefore the longer the burn time the less you have to load your stove.  However, you also want to make sure that the wood is burning efficiently and all your heat is not going up the chimney.  You can normally expect to get a much more efficient burn when using a catalytic burner.

 Where to Purchase  Napoleon  Stoves

We love to shop online for most of our major purchases but when it comes time to pull our money out, we like to purchase from the retail store if at all possible.  I want the service that only you can get from a retail store. However, price is a big issue and if our local store will not come close to the price we can get online, then we will purchase online.

The Napoleon stoves can be found online and you will find stores that offer free shipping.  You will need to weigh all these factors before you purchase one of these stoves. Installation is another element that you can try to negotiate in your final price but this is usually how it will work.

You purchase your wood stove from XYZ Hardware store.  They will offer you installation but they don't do it themselves unless you get lucky.  What will happen is they give you the names of several local contractors that will install your wood burning stove.  Then it is up to you to contact the contractor to negotiate a price.  You will also need to have all the accessories and parts present at the time of installation.

We highly recommend you visit this page to read how we find and select a good contractor that will install your stove.


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