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When it comes to small wood stoves you have to decide or define the word small.  Do you mean small size?  Small area of heat output (think BTU's) or small price?  We will break down each segment and let you decide and define the word small wood stoves.  Just remember one thing small wood burning stoves will not be able to hold much wood which results in loading the stove a lot.  Average burn times will be around the 3 to 4 hour mark or less.

As you know Jotul wood stoves have been around since 1853. They make a couple of stoves that will fit into the small wood stoves category but nothing like the cast iron wood stoves by Vogelzang.

Vogelzang produces several small sized wood stoves that can heat, cook and be used in tents for you hunters.  that would fit into the category of small size and small in price.  These two companies offer the smallest sized wood stoves on the market today and that will be our focus for this review.

The Jotul Small Wood Stoves Review

F 602 CB

F 602 CB Jotul

The Jøtul F 602 CB is a rather small unit with a 16" box and only measures a tad over 25 inches high.  the front legs are 11" wide but the back is 12.3 iches wide. This stove is approved for use in both Canada and the US as a result of being Alcove approved. It is the lowest priced EPA Cast-Iron wood-burning stove on the market.

Th F 602 is simple, efficient and will warm an area of 800 sq ft. The  602 CB has a maximum heat output of 28,000 BTU/hr and will burn 5 hours on a low setting. The effiecency rating on this stove is 75%.

This is the most popular small wood stove today as can be attested to by the fact that over 1 million of these burners have been sold.

For information like Jotul Small Wood Stove Prices can be found by running your mouse over the Jotul in this sentence.

An unusual small wood cooking stove we ran into is called the Four Dog Cooking Stove. Take a look at it and look to the left of the stove and you will see a water spout.

Vogelzang LIT'l SWEETIE 

As you can see the Vogelzang Lit'l Sweetie is a very basic wood stove made out of cast iron.  Cast iron wood stoves have a way of bringing warmth into any room. Heat will radiate from cast iron stoves and penetrate to the bone.

If you have a small home or small room that you want heated the Lit'l Sweetie would make a perfect choice. BTU ratings are around 63,801 which will probably warm an area of 600 sq. ft.

The retail price for this all cast iron stove is only $249.50 but I have found it retail for $199.99 and when on sale you can pick it up for around $170.

This small stove will accept logs around 20 inches in length which is only 5 inches less than it's overall length. The firebox dimensions is 21 inches long and 10 inches wide.It stands only 23 inches from floor to top of

cooking lid which is a 6 inch circular plate that fits on top closer to the door. Keep in mind it is not air tight therefore it will blow through wood really fast.  Don't expect to place big logs in there and hope it will last a while.  Normal burn time is only 30 minutes and if you choke it down a bit you might get 60 minutes.  The best wood to burn inside is pallet wood.

The flue collar will fit a 6 inch stove pipe and it does contain a built in damper to control the heat and flow of air into the wood stove.  Because it is so light (80 lbs) we highly recommend seasoning the stove outside before you bring it inside any building.  Keep in mind there is no fire brick inside so it will burn rather fast.  The LIT'L Sweetie is perfect for a shed, work shop, or basement. 

Vogelzang Pot Belly    Vogelzang Prices

Another small wood stove by Vogelzang is their Boxwood Cast Iron Wood Stove.  It is very similar to the one you see above and a lot of people mistake the two.  The differences between the two small wood stoves is width and heighth. I have searched a lot on the internet for this Vogelzang stove and the best prices to date is from Amazon. I provide the link here Boxwood Cast Iron Wood Stove and if you are diligent you will find it for around $169.00.  Probably the best thing going for Amazon is their trust factor which we firmly believe in.

If you are into pot belly wood stoves then click on the Vogelzang link above and you can take a look at those as well.  They look funny but they produce heat that will warm your bones.




Some of the reviews we found on various forums concerning Jotul Wood Stoves

  • We've had ours for three winters now, and it is used constantly from about October to March, everyday. It heats our living room, but our house is big and four finished floors. The rest of the house stays cold and we use a gas boiler to keep the house around 65 degrees. The living room is over 100 near the woodstove, which feels great in the winter. It drops to 75 or so just 15 feet away, so ...
  • I have a love-hate relationship with this stove. When it works right it's great, but at times it will overheat, no matter what I do. Even with the doors shut tight, the primary air intake shut down all the way and the damper on the chimney closed, it will still burn like a blast furnace. What doesn't make sense is that at other times it is perfectly well behaved.
    Does any one else have a .

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