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We are truly excited for you because it's fun shopping for wood stoves. We have lived with wood heat our entire life and we hope that you choose a wood burning stove as well. We developed this site because we had all this information left over from our latest wood stove purchase and in fact, we had to replace our home a couple of years ago and we went straight to this site to get the information we needed because we purchased the Blaze King Wood Stove.

What you will find is the spec's of all these wood stoves in one location and you will not need to open hundreds of pdf's to find this information.  No doubt we will include the key specifications that you need which will be efficiency ratings and BTU's.

UPDATE:  We have just added a new review on Napoleon Wood Stoves, be sure to check it out.  We have now packed all our "How To" videos and articles into one area. Check it out.

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below for other updates on new wood stoves and to ask us any question you have.  We answer plenty of wood stove questions throughout the year and we will not be shy about it.  If you arie a DIY'er then you should seriously read this article we wrote on wood stove installation and risks.  There are risks we want you to be aware of.

Each wood stove manufacturer has their own models which will compare favorably to others.  When this happens we will be asked for our opinion and to be honest, the only opinion that matters is the one that fits your wallet.  You see, some wood stoves will be cheaper in your area than ours and if both the stoves you are comparing rate equal then it just makes sense to purchase the cheaper one.  Right?

Our wood burning stove reviews will include all the critical information you need and should be asking your local dealer.  Be sure to read our "How to Pick The Best Wood Stoves" review which will share with you everything we have mentioned here in GREAT detail.

Some of the most critical answers you will want to see for any stove is:

  • efficiency ratings
  • burning rates
  • catalytic information
  • firebox capacity

Shopping for wood stoves is fun, especially when you can narrow down your choices before you head to your local retail outlet stores.  You will find many different brands and models of wood stoves and you will no doubt be introduced to gas stoves and pellet stoves.

Quick question: have you ever experienced heat from wood? Today's modern wood stoves and contemporary stoves can be your primary heat source, occasional heat source or intermittent heat source.

Best Wood To Burn In Your Woodstove

When it comes to wood you can burn just about any type of wood in your stove as long as it does not contain glue or some other type of man made substance.  That means no plywood or laminate material.

The best type of wood to burn is hardwood and if you have this type of wood in your area then you will definitely have the advantage over those who can only burn softwood.  How to determine the difference without knowing is to wait till the wood is dry and when you pick up similar sized pieces of the two woods one will be a lot heavier.  This will quickly shed some light for you and the reason we do not try to do this comparison when they are wet is because soft wood will hold or contain a lot of water.  Some pieces can be heavier because so much water is inside.

If you live in a farming community then apple and cherry are your best bets.  People who live in the midwest and east you will find maple, hickory, birch, and mahogany as your hardwoods.

Other hardwoods include hackberry and ironwood.  Many pine trees are softwood in my opinion and they will not burn as long.  However, tamarac is one wood that woodburners love.  The reason is that it will burn longer and any time you can get wood to burn longer it will also burn hotter.

We cover everything on this website woodstoves buyer's guide from:

  • jotul prices
  • to specific manufacturer reviews
  • links directly to the manufacturers website
  • a personal experience with loosing our home due a fire
  • Lopi reviews coming soon
  • and much more

Obviously you are looking for a woodstove guide and we are here to help you find the unit that will meet your needs. This wood stoves guide will help you determine your best woodstove options. Here are the questions you need answered before you find your next heating unit.

  • Determine the square footage you want heated?
  • Will this be a primary heat source?
  • Do  you have an ample supply of wood or a source where you can purchase it?
  • Do you have enough storage to help "season" your wood?
  • Determine proper placement of your stove for best coverage.
  • Wood Stoves Installation: professional or DIY?
  • Wood stove ratings

Dollar Bill and Wood Stoves Guide to Better Air Flow

If you currently own a fireplace insert or stove have you ever done the dollar bill test on the woodstove door?  If not, this is something you should do every year and especially when you have a new wood stove.  To do this test (make sure the stove is cold) simply place a dollar bill between the door seal and the stove.  Shut the door and try to pull the dollar bill out.  If it comes out then tighten the door and if it doesn't come out easily, then you are set.

This wouldn't be a complete wood stoves guide if we didn't mention Fireplace Accessories

Beleive it or not, picking a good chimney and chimney pipe can save your home from a fire. We thought we had the best stove pipe at the time but little did we know after 15 years the contractor built the stove to close to the floor joyce and it started a major fire in our home. Since that time we've researched and found Dura Vent and Direct Vent as the top 2 chimney pipe manufacturers.  Both come with double or triple walled pipe and some pipe contain insulation between the layers.

To complete our wood stoves guide and ideas, don't forget when you purchase your unit that you will need a hearth pad or you can do what we did and that was lay tile on the floor.  Truthfully, you can learn how to lay tile from Home Depot or Lowe's or online.  You can save a lot of money laying tile instead of purchasing a hearth pad.  

When it's time to pick the best wood stove on the market then you should copy this report and use it as a wood stoves buyers guide: How to Pick the Best Wood Stoves

Our Wood Stove Review will show you exactly which models are accepted in the federal tax credit rebate program.  Make sure you check it out before you leave.  You can quickly pick the manufacturer that you have an interest in and copy all the details of each wood stove.

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As you can imagine there are many good companies producing quality stoves: You can look at:

  • soapstone  wood stoves
  • blaze king wood stoves
  • Jotul, Drolet, Magic Heat, Vogelzang, Century Heating, Lopi, Hearthstone, and many others

 Breaking News From Wood Stoves Guide

BREAKING NEWS!! the government used to offer tax rebates if you purchase select stoves that meet EPA standards.  We have not heard if that will be extended to 2015-6 or not.  If you have information please share it with us.

Dealers: if you want advertising space on this site, please communicate with us via the newsletter.  This space is open for 2013 and it is a first come first and only ad space available on this site. 


Depending on your needs, you can purchase small wood stoves for certain areas of your home, wood stove inserts that fit inside your existing fireplace, pedestal or free standing stoves.

What do you say, let's dig into our wood stove review section.

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